FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz is merging with Andersen Tax & Legal Matyka i Wspólnicy

The Andersen and FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz legal teams are merging and will continue to operate as Andersen Tax & Legal Matyka i Wspólnicy sp.k. Thanks to the merger, FKA, a law firm with an established position on the Polish market, will become part of an international organisation – Andersen Global.

"We deeply believe that this is the best business opportunity for us and our employees to join a rapidly growing global company like Andersen. We see a lot of synergy”, says Tadeusz Komosa, FKA Partner.

"Merging with Andersen is a guarantee that our values will be preserved and that opportunities will open up for our clients in terms of service in other areas of practice as well, virtually all over the world." adds Mariusz Aleksandrowicz, FKA Partner.

"The partners of FKA and Andersen feel responsible for building one of the best law firms in Poland, a desirable place to work for the next generation of lawyers. A place where they can grow and become partners in a modern and global company. The consolidation of the legal services market, both in Poland and globally, is a visible and irreversible process, as it is the large law firms, operating globally and known for their high quality of services, that Clients running international business are looking for”, says Marcin Matyka, Managing Partner of Andersen in Poland.

Aleksandra Kalinowska, who is one of the founders of Andersen in Poland and a partner in the tax consulting department, adds: "I am very pleased to have a group of great lawyers joining us, and I deeply believe that having a strong legal team is a guarantee that our clients will find in Andersen a solution to all their tax, legal and business problems, which in the modern world are often combined and must be solved together”.

Lawyers from both companies have already successfully worked together. The merger will result in a strong legal team with broad expertise in commercial law, litigation and tax matters, banking, financial and regulated products, M&A, labour law, GDPR, white collar crime, administrative law, compliance, and antimonopoly and consumer protection, among others. Our customers will gain the opportunity to benefit from services that FKA has not previously provided so extensively.

The formal merger will take place on 1 January 2023. The company will be headquartered at Andersen’s existing office at Plac Unii, ul. Puławska 2 in Warsaw.

Cooperation with Andersen Global, a leading global consulting organisation, allows Andersen law firm in Poland to operate globally. Andersen is now an organisation of more than four thousand lawyers in 160 countries around the world. After the merger, the Warsaw office will have more than 80 employees, while Andersen in Poland will have more than 130 people in offices in Warsaw, Katowice and Toruń.